Start Here: Employees and Participants

Tips for employees and participants

We provide in-house phone and email support, and online resources to help you to manage your benefits. This is a brief introduction to those you might find especially handy.

Contacting Participant Services

Our Participant Services team is available to answer your questions Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT by phone at 800 346 2126 or using email to

Enroll in the BESTflex Plan using your Program Code

If your employer chose to have you enroll in the BESTflex Plan online, you'll receive a "Program Code." This code lets you enroll in the BESTflex Plan online.

Enroll online

  1. Choose "Participants" from the " Log-in" dropdown at and log in
  2. If you haven't registered, follow the prompts to register, otherwise choose "Enroll in the BESTflex Plan" from the menu.

Activate My Account Assistant

If you're a participant in the BESTflexSM Plan, EBC HRA, CommuteEase or SimplyHSA, My Account Assistant provides different details on your benefits, depending the benefit in which you participate. For example, with BESTflex Plan and EBC HRA, My Account Assistant tracks your account balances, lets you submit and review claims and download forms and information. CommuteEase let's you link to our partner to purchase transit and parking passes.

Activate your account

  1. Choose "Participants" from the " Log-in" dropdown at and log in
  2. Follow the prompts

Changing your user name and password

You choose a user name and password when you activated your account. You can change either at any time.

Change user name/password

  1. Choose "Participants" from the " Log-in" dropdown at and log in
  2. Choose the “My Security Settings” from the menu

Submitting claims

If you’re a BESTflex Plan or EBC HRA participant, submitting claims online using My Account Assistant or using our mobile app, My Mobile Account Assistant are the easiest ways.

Submit claims online

  1. Choose "Participants" from the " Log-in" dropdown at and log in
  2. From the menu select "Submit a New Claim"

Download My Mobile Account Assistant

Google Play
Apple App Store

Submitting Benefits Card Documentation

If a Benefits Card transaction needs documentation, you'll receive an email. You'll also be a notified in My Account Assistant online. Whether you're online or using your phone, you can upload the required documentation to us.

More information on Benefits Card documentation