Using Your SimplyHSA Online Account


Manage your SimplyHSA online to view account details, visualize your savings, pay with your HSA, and explore investment opportunities!

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Using Your BESTflex Plan Online Account

The BESTflex Plan

Manage your BESTflex Plan Online Account to view account details, set up direct deposit, and submit online claims.

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Extra Money

The BESTflex Plan

Enrolling in a Flexible Spending Account gives you extra money to spend on eligible medical expenses. Learn where this extra money comes from.

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Submitting Claims

The BESTflex Plan

Submitting claims is easy! Learn about how participants can submit claims with their smartphone, online, or by mail with a standard claim form.

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How the EBC HRA Works


Learn the basics of the EBC HRA including where the money comes from and how an EBC HRA can be structured using payment percentages and tiers.

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Getting Reimbursed


There are two ways you can get reimbursed for an expense; 1) You submit the claim yourself, or 2) your claim is submitted for you by your provider.

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Manage Your CommuteEase Contributions


This short video explains how participants manage contributions to their CommuteEase accounts.

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