Start Here: Employers and HR Professionals

Tips for employers and HR professionals

Regardless of the type of benefits your organization uses, Employee Benefits Corporation offers some standard services and conveniences to make your benefits easy to manage.

Contacting Employer Services

When we implement your plan, we assign you a dedicated Client Service Consultant, who provides account information and assistance. All of our Client Service Consultants have a direct phone number and email address for quick contact.

You can always find your Client Service Consultant's name and contact information on the employer web portal, My Account Administrator, on your invoices and on your reports.

Reviewing your account online

My Account Administrator is your account management portal. It lets you monitor your account, review invoices and payments, download forms and materials, enroll and remove BESTflex Plan and EBC HRA participants, document COBRA Qualifying Events, generate reports and more.

Logging into My Account Administrator

Click the "Employer log-in" link at and follow the prompts to get started or enter your user name and password to log in.

Areas of interest in My Account Administrator

When you're getting started with Employee Benefits Corporation, a few sections of My Account Administrator are particularly useful:

Forms and Materials

Click "Forms and Materials" in the menu to download forms, informational flyers and other materials for you and your participants. We also offer comprehensive, searchable Answer Books that provide detailed information about your plan and our website.


Click "Reports" in the menu to view, print or export reports for your plan.


Click "Invoices" in the menu to view a history of your invoices, including administration invoices and funding requests for claim reimbursements.

Manage Participants Online:

After your plan begins, you can enroll and remove participants online. Just click the item in the menu for the activity you'd like to perform.

File Uploader:

You can securely upload files to us. Click "Upload Files" in the menu.

You can also review your plan design and download legal documents by clicking the name of your plan in the menu. It's important that you understand the details of your plan design as it gets started, so don't hesitate to contact your Client Service Consultant or use My Account Administrator if you have questions.