What is an HRA?

A Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) helps cover the out-of-pocket costs of high deductible health plans. Instead of paying the entire deductible, the employer shares this cost.

The employer sets aside a pool of funds to reimburse a portion of participants’ health care costs until they reach the insurance provider’s deductible amount. Then the provider’s coverage takes over.

How does the EBC HRA work?

Ordinarily, when participants receive health care, they pay the costs themselves until the total of their expenses reaches their insurance provider’s deductible amount [1]. The EBC HRA shares the cost of this deductible. Participants only pay a portion [2], then their EBC HRA automatically reimburses them for any expenses after that [3].

How does the EBC HRA reimburse?

Automatic Reimbursement

If the insurance provider automatically submits eligible medical expenses to Employee Benefits Corporation, participants do not need to submit paper claims. Participants should periodically review their Participant Statement of Account online and/or their EOBs to determine which expenses have been reimbursed.

Standard Reimbursement

Your online account lets you submit claims and attach receipts from your desktop. Simply log into your account and click File a Claim in the menu. You can also file claims from your Android or Apple mobile device. Download My Mobile Account Assistant from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can also download a claim form (from the Quick Forms dropdown list above, complete it, attach your documentation and email it to