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What do I need to know about CommuteEase?

You set aside money from your paychecks to pay for certain transportation expenses such as parking, transit and vanpooling before taxes are taken from your pay. When the tax savings are applied to your transportation expenses, you pay less overall!

How does CommuteEase save me money?

The contributions that you make to your commuter account are exempt from Federal, State, and FICA payroll taxes. This means that you save approximately 30%* on your eligible expenses, making a $100 eligible expense cost you about $70.

CommuteEase Save Money Timeline

*These tax examples are broad approximations of tax liability. Your specific savings depend on your tax bracket. You should consult a tax advisor for help with your own situation. Current IRS tax laws control all CommuteEase matters and are subject to change.

Commuter Accounts

You may participate in any CommuteEase accounts available under your employer’s plan design, as long as you are eligible to participate. Log into your online account to review My Company Plan and see what accounts you are eligible for.

Your CommuteEase funds are pre-loaded onto the Benefits Card. You can use your Benefits Card to pay for eligible commuter expenses the same way you would use other debit cards—simply swipe your card or use it online to pay for your eligible transit and/or parking expenses. If your parking provider doesn’t accept cards, you can pay out of pocket and submit a claim online for reimbursement instead.

Transit Account

You can use your Transit account to pay for transit expenses for your commute to or from your regular workplace. Eligible transit expenses include passes, tokens, fare cards, vouchers, or similar items for:

  • Mass transit (such as train, bus, subway, or ferry)
  • Commuter highway vehicle (such as vanpool or certain ridesharing services like UberPool or Lyft Line)

Parking Account

You can use your Parking account to pay to park:

  • At or near your regular place of employment
  • At a location from which you commute to work by carpool, commuter highway vehicle, or mass transit

CommuteEase Online Account

The best way to access and manage your commuter account is online. Log into your account to manage contributions, see existing balances, and more.


Manage CommuteEase Contributions

Easily set up and manage upcoming contributions to your CommuteEase transit and parking accounts online!

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