Expert administration.

We send BESTflexSM Plan Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) participants their Benny™ Benefits Cards when their plan starts. They use our website to activate their cards and find merchants that accept Benny™, then begin using the card to draw on their account.

Where Benny™ is accepted
Participants can use their Benny™ Benefits Card at retailers and providers that fall into the following, IRS-approved categories:

  • Health care, dental or vision provider offices
  • Merchants with an inventory information approval system (IIAS)

An IIAS is a system that can determine, at checkout, which items and services are eligible under Benny™, and apply only those expenses to the card. A full list of the thousands of retailers that have an IIAS is available online in PDF format.    

Email notifications
Some providers don't have a system to determine, at checkout, which items and services are eligible under Benny™. In those cases, we request by email that participants send in an itemized receipt for the transaction. We use the receipt to verify that participants use the card for eligible health care expenses.

While participants can opt to receive these letters by U.S. mail, email offers the quickest resolution to Benny™ swipes.

Benny™ and the 2-1/2 Month Grace Period
The Benny™ Benefits Card is smart about the 2-1/2 month grace period. It automatically looks back to determine whether there is money remaining in last year's Health Care FSA before drawing on the new Health Care FSA election.

It even goes a step further: If a participant uses Benny™ during the 2-1/2 month grace period and the amount exceeds the remaining Health Care FSA balance, Benny™ draws from both the remaining balance and the new Health Care FSA election.

This helps create a seamless transition between plan years for participants.