Think FSA.

What's your reason for enrolling?

You may not be aware of all you can get with an FSA.

There are thousands of FSA-eligible products and services.

Chances are there is something eligible that you’re going to buy this year and you could be receiving extra money to help with this expense.

You’ll likely find a reason to enroll.

An FSA provides extra money

By setting aside money from your pay into an FSA before taxes, you pay less in taxes, and keep more for yourself.

You’ll have extra money to put towards expenses, and you have access to your total Health Care FSA election on day one!

An FSA can work as an emergency fund.

Since you have access to your total Health Care FSA election immediately, you’ll have that extra money available right away for a large unexpected medical expense.

You're already using an FSA - it's a part of your group insurance plan.

You already have an FSA just by being employed. Your group insurance premiums are already being paid with pretax dollars.

By enrolling, you’re simply extending the idea of pretax dollars towards other eligible expenses you may have.

HSAs are for saving, FSAs are for spending.

With an HSA, you will only have access to the total amount you’ve saved.

With an FSA, you have access to that entire Health Care FSA election on day one. If you believe you’re going to have eligible medical expenses in the coming year, think FSA.

FSAs can also cover Daycare expenses.

A special account, the Dependent Care FSA, can be used to help relieve the costs of daycare expenses. You only have access to the actual amount currently deposited in your account. That’s ok, though, if your daycare provider is paid on a weekly or monthly basis.

We make using an FSA easy for you.

We’re here to help. Our job is to make understanding employee benefits easy – including our brand of FSA administration, The BESTflexSM Plan.

Our helpful and informative materials are available to you online and through your employer. Or speak with one of our Participant Services Representatives at 1-800-346-2126.

Extra money - Thousands of eligible expenses - Whatever your reason, ThinkFSA.

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