SimplyHSA Online Account

Manage your SimplyHSA online to view account details, visualize your savings, pay with your HSA, and explore investment opportunities!

Log In Today!

Log in as a participant or register for a new participant account.

Go green and skip the fee.

Switch to Electronic Only statements and save. Select Communications > Communications Settings > HSA Document Delivery Preferences > Statements to select Electronic Only.

SimplyHSA Dashboard Page

Your dashboard gives you quick access to your Account Summary and Recent Transactions. You can also use the main menu to quickly take action.

Pay with My HSA

Select My HSA > Pay with My HSA to pay a provider directly from your HSA using Bill Pay or to reimburse yourself from your HSA for expenses you’ve paid with your preferred payment method.

Access Account Details

In your Account Summary, click your SimplyHSA balance to view your HSA Account Details page.


Visualize the deposits into your HSA account and plan for future savings.


View all of your HSA account transactions in one place, both money in (contributions) and money out (disbursements, payments made from your HSA).


Explore your options to invest and grow your savings even faster. View a prospectus of investment options available.

Bill Pay

Pay online with your HSA account in two ways:

  1. Pay a provider directly from your HSA using Bill Pay
  2. Pay for your expenses with your preferred payment method and then use Bill Pay to reimburse yourself from your HSA

Manage your SimplyHSA online today!


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