CommuteEase and the Benefits Card

Man using credit card to pay online

Pay for eligible commuter expenses with your Benefits Card.

When your scheduled CommuteEase contribution is processed by your employer, your funds are automatically loaded onto your Benefits Card. Swipe your Benefits Card or use it to pay online for eligible transit and parking expenses.

Getting Your Card

If you already have a Benefits Card for another Employee Benefits Corporation account through your employer, such as BESTflex Health Care FSA, EBC HRA, or SimplyHSA, you simply use the card that’s already in your wallet. Funds will automatically pull from your CommuteEase account when you use the card for eligible transit or parking expenses.

If you don’t already have a Benefits Card, one will be mailed to you after you schedule your first CommuteEase contribution online.

Check Your Balance

Before using your card to access CommuteEase funds, make sure to log into your online account to check your available balance. If your purchase amount exceeds the current balance on your Benefits Card, it may be declined.

Using Your Card

Simply swipe the card or enter it as your payment method for any website or app you use to pay for eligible transit or parking expenses. You can also use it as your payment method for certain ridesharing services, like UberPool and LyftLine.

You don’t need to submit documentation for CommuteEase purchases paid using your Benefits Card; however, we recommend that you keep copies of your receipts for your records.

Please note that CommuteEase funds are only available on your primary Benefits Card. If you have another account with us that uses the Benefits Card, any secondary cards (e.g., a card for your spouse) cannot be used to pay for commuter expenses.

Parking Claims

If your parking provider doesn’t accept credit cards, don’t worry! You can easily submit a parking claim for reimbursement through your online account.

Lost or Stolen Card

In the event that your Benefits Card is lost or stolen, please contact us at (800) 346-2126 as soon as possible to deactivate the card and request a replacement.


Manage CommuteEase Contributions

Easily set up and manage upcoming contributions to your CommuteEase transit and parking accounts online!

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