BESTflex Plan Online Account

Manage your BESTflex Plan Online Account to view account details, set up direct deposit, and submit online claims.

Log In Today!

Log in as a participant or register for a new participant account.

Access Account Details

Your online account is a great place to learn about your plan details and check for a quick status update. Once logged in, click your FSA button to view your remaining balance and plan dates for using it. Your BESTflex Plan Statement is available under “what is my account summary?”

Set Up Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the fastest and easiest way to receive reimbursements. When you sign up for Direct Deposit, our system securely connects to your financial institution and electronically transfers your reimbursement funds to your checking or savings account. To sign up, choose “Direct Deposit” from the main menu of your online account.

Submit an Online Claim

You can submit a claim online to be reimbursed for eligible expenses that you pay out of pocket. Simply complete a short web form and upload your scanned supporting documentation.

BESTflex Plan

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