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Enrollment Toolkit

HSA Toolkit

Our enrollment toolkit makes it easy to promote your HSA to your employees.

Increasing HSA usage saves you money!

You benefit from promoting everything an HSA has to offer to employees—during open enrollment and throughout the year. When employees understand the money-saving value of an Health Savings Account (HSA), they're more likely to open one. And the more your employees contribute to an HSA, the more money your organization saves.

  • Your HSA provides a tax savings to your organization
  • Employers save 7.65% in social security taxes on every dollar that HSA participants contribute to the plan
  • This 7.65% in tax savings can be enough to offset the costs of offering SimplyHSA in some cases

An HSA doesn't have benefit plan year limitations (like an FSA), so eligible employees can enroll at any time throughout the year; however, choosing an HSA is often part of making health plan decisions. That means that open enrollment is a great time to share information about your HSA with your employees.

Mix and Match Tools to Connect with Your Employees

Eligible Expenses
When employees understand which expenses are eligible for payment from an HSA, they see how much money they can save. Share these resources with your employees to show them examples of products and services that are eligible for payment from their HSA.


Add these short, engaging videos to your intranet, HRIS, or benefit administration system. You can also link to them in your emails.

  • To embed a video on your webpage, play the video, click the share button in the top right corner, choose embed, and copy the code. Then use that code on your webpage. The latest and greatest video is always displayed!
  • To download a video, play the video and click the Vimeo logo in the play bar. This opens the video on Click the download button below the video and choose your file size. Save the video to your desired location. If you use this method, make sure you remember to come back and get the latest version every year.

HSA Basics

Learn how a health savings account works.

HSA Investments

Learn about long-term savings opportunities.

HSA Online Account

View the HSA Online Account

Save Money with HSA Flyer
Reinforce the key benefits of an HSA with a handout. Distribute it during your open enrollment period or benefit education meetings.

Hang posters your breakroom, by the coffee machine, near copiers, or anywhere your employees may congregate. Open this file using free Adobe® Reader, type your organization's open enrollment dates on the bottom of the posters, and then print them on legal-size paper (8.5” x 14”).

HSA accounts grow when you promote your SimplyHSA!


HSA Toolkit Checklist

Increase your HSA enrollment by promoting your plan with our enrollment toolkit. Simply follow the steps on this checklist.

Download the Checklist

Have an FSA?

Check out our FSA Toolkit and promote both of your plans! Remember, HSA participants can use both their HSA and the limited health FSA in the same plan year.

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