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Enrollment Toolkit

Commuter Toolkit

Our enrollment toolkit makes it easy to promote commuter accounts to your employees

Increasing participation saves you money!

When you promote the value of using a commuter benefit account to your employees, they’re more likely to set up contributions. And when more employees use commuter accounts, your organization saves more money.

  • Your commuter benefit plan provides a tax savings to your organization
  • Employers save 7.65% in social security taxes on every dollar that CommuteEase participants contribute to their accounts
  • This 7.65% in tax savings can be enough to offset the costs of offering CommuteEase in some cases
  • Use our Employer Tax-Savings Calculator to estimate how much you can save

CommuteEase doesn't have benefit plan year limitations (like an FSA), so eligible employees can make a contribution at any time throughout the year, although many employees evaluate their benefit year options during open enrollment. That means open enrollment is a great time to share information with your employees about CommuteEase.

Mix and Match Tools to Connect with Your Employees

Email Template
Send your employees an email with a link to our Commuter Savings page, which explains the basics of saving money with a commuter benefit account.

  • For Outlook
    • This email template (.oft file) works best for users who have Microsoft Outlook installed on their computer
    • The template uses images and links to videos to enage employees
    • Download the template, open it, add body copy if you'd like, and send it to your employees

  • For Other Email Systems: Insert Image
    • Download the file, copy the image, insert the image in an email, add a subject line, add body copy if you'd like, and send it to your employees.
    • Tip: Include the link to in the body of your email

  • For Other Email Systems: Copy Text
    • Download the file, copy and paste the plain text without images into an email, add a subject line, adjust body copy if you'd like, and send it to your employees

Commuter Savings Webpage |
This page provides information to help employees understand the value of saving money with CommuteEase. Add the link to this page to your employee intranet, include it in your benefit materials, and direct new employees to it throughout the year.

Save Money with CommuteEase Flyer
Reinforce the key benefits of CommuteEase with a handout. Distribute it during your open enrollment period or benefits education meetings.

Your Summary Plan Description (SPD)

Visit for detailed information about SPD requirements, where to access yours, and your options for distributing it to your participants. Your SPD helps your participants understand their benefits, reduces questions and confusion, and also protects you against liability.

Hang this poster in your breakroom, by the coffee machine, near copiers, or anywhere your employees may congregate. Open this file using free Adobe® Reader and print it on legal-size paper (8.5” x 14”).

Commuter savings grow when you promote CommuteEase!


Commuter Toolkit Checklist

Increase your CommuteEase enrollment by promoting your plan with our enrollment toolkit. Simply follow the steps on this checklist.

Download the Checklist

Employer Tax-Savings Calculator