Compliance Services Help

Our Compliance Services team responds quickly, offering expert advice directly to our clients.

Our in-house Compliance Services team monitors complex regulations to ensure compliance, offering understandable summaries to our clients and their participants.

Regulation monitoring

In the realm of employee benefits and health care, the rules never stop evolving. Our Compliance Services team has its collective eyes on the regulations that affect what we do, meaning our clients and participants are quick to know when things change and what the effect is.

Document Updates

Employee Benefits Corporation updates documents once a year, more frequently when Federal regulations change. These document changes are initiated by our Compliance Services team and usually involve expert members from our other teams.

The Compliance Services team regularly communicates with legislators and lobbyists responsible for proposing and monitoring benefits legislation at both the state and federal level. This gives us an edge when it’s time to update our important plan documents, so we are not caught by surprise when changes occur.


Our Compliance Services team presents educational webinars to help our clients understand technical details of their plans and administration. Conveniently, invitees can watch and listen, with their choice of session, from anywhere they have internet access.

Compliance Blog

Members of our Compliance Services team maintain our Compliance Buzz blog, addressing hot and timely compliance topics. Check back each week for new posts.

Nondiscrimination Testing

IRS regulations require both the BESTflex Plan and EBC HRA to undergo annual nondiscrimination testing.

We provide a Nondiscrimination Testing Worksheet that is available online. We’ve also created a Nondiscrimination Testing Workbook to help employers complete the Worksheet and to answer some frequently asked questions.

Nondiscrimination Testing materials are conveniently located in our employer portal, My Account Administrator. Employers simply log in, then access the documents from a central location.

We perform the testing on our BESTflex Plan clients’ behalf.

Compliance Services

Compliance Buzz