To put it simply, it's easy to set up and understand, allows tax-advantaged contributions and offers compliant integration with other benefits.

Simply makes sense.
SimplyHSASimply compliant because it’s from Employee Benefits Corporation
Employers adding SimplyHSA to the BESTflexSM Plan or any other tax-advantaged benefit can count on Employee Benefits Corporation experts to ensure SimplyHSA will meet the organizations’ specific benefits needs.

Along with in-house plan design, and compliance expertise to help set up SimplyHSA, employers can count on our in-house Employer and Participant Services teams to provide answers when employers and participants need them.

Simply the best because HSA Bank is our custodian
HSA Bank is one of the most experienced HSA custodians in the country. With competitive interest rates, low fees, solid investment options, an easy-to-use online banking experience, HSA Bank does what it does best. As an Employee Benefits Corporation partner, HSA Bank helps us provide you with an outstanding benefits solution.

Simply convenient because participants access funds by check, online bank transfers and the Benny™ Benefits Card
Convenience is built into Benny™ and does double-duty when SimplyHSA is combined with the BESTflex Plan Limited Health Care FSA. When  participants use the card to pay for eligible dental and vision expenses, Benny™ draws from the Limited Health Care FSA. If participants use Benny™ to pay for eligible medical expenses, the card draws from  SimplyHSA. When the Limited Health Care FSA funds are used up, the card draws from funds remaining in SimplyHSA, all at the point-of-sale.

With an intuitive interface and convenient reporting, plus the Benny&trade Benefits Card, SimplyHSA makes online banking a breeze.

Employee Benefits Corporation and HSA Bank - simply more
  • Compliant plan design that works with business needs
  • Employee Benefits Corporation in-house Client Liaisons and Participant Support
  • In-house compliance specialists
  • Benny™ Benefits Card
  • Easy online administration
  • Employer and employee education materials
  • No minimum account balance
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Low fees
  • Solid investment options
  • Immediate account funding