We make debit cards easy.

Simply convenient because participants access funds by check, online bank transfers and the Benny™ Benefits Card
Convenience is built into Benny™ and does double-duty when SimplyHSA is combined with the BESTflex Plan Limited Health Care FSA. When  participants use the card to pay for eligible dental and vision expenses, Benny™ draws from the Limited Health Care FSA. If participants use Benny™ to pay for eligible medical expenses, the card draws from  SimplyHSA. When the Limited Health Care FSA funds are used up, the card draws from funds remaining in SimplyHSA, all at the point-of-sale.

Benny™ is available with SimplyHSA or SimplyHSA combined with a Limited Health Care FSA.

Eligible expenses
You can use SimplyHSA to pay for a wide range of eligible medical expenses for yourself, your spouse or tax dependents. An eligible medical expense is defined as an expense that pays for healthcare services, equipment, or medications as described by the IRS. Funds used to pay for eligible medical expenses are always tax-free.

HSA funds can be used to reimburse yourself for past medical expenses if the expense was incurred after your HSA was established. While you do not need to submit any receipts, it is a good idea to save your bills and receipts for tax purposes.