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Our website’s Resource Center answers many of the questions frequently asked us. If a question arises and you’d like to save yourself a phone call, you can always browse this page, the FAQs or select a product link to find the information you need. Presentations and videos are located in Media Resources, tax calculators and other web-based items are in the Web Resources section and Forms and flyers are in Download Resources.

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Tips for participants and employees

Employee Benefits Corporation administers benefits that your employer offers to help save you money and expand your health care options. We offer various avenues of support and online account information to make it easy for you to manage the benefits in which you participate. There are many tools at your disposal, and this is a brief introduction to the ones you might find especially handy.

Contacting Participant Services
Our Participant Services team is available to answer your questions Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT. You can call us at 800 346 2126 or send an email to
Reviewing your account online
If you're a BESTflexSM Plan and/or EBC HRASM participant, My Account Assistant lets you track your account balances and claims, review key plan details, and download forms and information. Before you can use My Account Assistant, you need to activate your account.

Click the "Participant Log-in" link at the top of this page
Click "First Time Users Activate Account" and provide the required account information

Entering your Program Code for online enrollment
If your employer chose to have you enroll in the BESTflex Plan online, you'll receive a "Program Code." This code lets you get started with online enrollment.

  1. Click the "Participant Log-in" link at the top of this page
  2. Click "BESTflex Plan Program Code" and follow the on-screen instructions

Managing your user name and password
You choose your user name and password when you activate your account. You can change either at any time by hovering over the “Account Settings” link in the menu below the banner and clicking “Security Info.” This opens a form that lets you enter a new user name, if desired, and change your password.

Submitting claims online
If you’re a participant, one of the things you’ll do throughout the plan year is submit claims for reimbursement. We recommend you use our smart, simple and secure online claim-filing tool.

It checks your information as you enter it to eliminate errors, is much shorter than a standard Claim Form and sends your information straight to our system using a secure connection.

To get started today, log into your account. Once you're logged in, hover over the "Claims & Payments" link in the menu and click the "File a Claim" link. If you'd like a bit of help, download our step-by-step guide.

Combined with direct deposit, My Account Assistant is the easiest way for you to file your claims and get reimbursed fast.

Online and Mobile BennyTM Account Management
File claims, manage BennyTM transactions, receive notices, and attach documentation online and with a smartphone!

If a transaction needs documentation, you'll receive an email. Simply take a photo of your documentation using your device’s camera or attach a file from your computer’s desktop and submit it to us.

Paper Claims Submission
Of course, if you prefer to file your claims offline, you can use our standard Claim Form. The form is available on My Account Assistant; just log into your account and click the "Forms & Reports" link in the menu.

For more help with reimbursement, visit our Resource Center.