We make it easy to submit claims.

Over 2 out of 3 FSA and HRA participants submit claims the easy way.

In 2013, 66% of all the claims we received were submitted using My Account Assistant online or My Mobile Account Assistant on a smartphone!

Submitting claims electronically is pretty easy. Participants submit claims and attach their receipts for fast reimbursement for eligible BESTflexSM Plan or EBC HRASM expenses.

Participants simply log into their accounts at www.ebcflex.com and click “Claims & Payments.”

Smart: When participants submit claims online, we check that their dates are valid. For instance, if they enter a service date that's outside of their current plan year, it’s flagged and they can correct it on the spot.

Simple: Filing a claim online is as simple as one, two, three.

  1. Complete the short web form and upload the scanned documentation
  2. Review the entered information for accuracy
  3. Print confirmation of the claim

Secure: When participants file a claim online, their information goes directly to our administration system using a secure connection.

My Mobile Account Administrator...and Mobile!
My Mobile Account Assistant lets participants access the best features of My Account Assistant, including viewing account balances, filing claims, attaching receipts and viewing recent payments, using their smart phone.

Isn’t it time to submit claims and receipts the easy way?