My Mobile Account Assistant lets you access the best features of our My Account Assistant web portal.

File claims and attach receipts and view account information for your BESTflexSM Plan and EBC HRASM

My Mobile Account AdministratorWe make filing claims easy
It doesn’t get any easier than this. Scan and submit a receipt for any eligible health care or dependent care expense at the pharmacy, your provider or anywhere you have access to a 3G or wireless internet connection. Complete a simple form, upload your receipt using your smartphone or tablet’s camera and tap “Submit.” My Mobile Account Assistant makes filing claims smart, simple, secure and mobile!

Faster than faxing, more secure than email
Receive your reimbursement faster. You’ll never want to fax or email us another claim again. You'll receive email notification when we receive your claim, too!

Smart, Simple, Secure and Mobile!
My Mobile Account Assistant is smart because it helps you enter claim information correctly.
It’s as simple to use as your mobile device and secure because none of your protected health information is stored on your device.

My Mobile Account Assistant and BennyTM
If you use the BennyTM Benefits Card, My Mobile Account Assistant lets you manage BennyTM transactions using your Android or Apple mobile device.

If a transaction needs documentation, you'll receive an email. You can take a photo of your documentation using the mobile device’s camera or attach documentation saved to your photo library and a simple click submits it to us.

There’s more to Mobile than just filing claims
You can review your current Account Balances at any time, whether you elect the BESTflex Plan Health Care or Dependent Care FSAs, Limited Health Care FSA or have an Individual Billed Premium Account. If you participate in the EBC HRA, you can view your current EBC HRA balances for any of your coverage types and expenses.

Your claims Payment History is available for viewing, too!

Features in detail
  • Automatically displays your plans
  • View Account Summary, Payment History and BennyTM Transaction History
  • Lists of providers saved for each plan
  • Enter and save new providers
  • Identifies BennyTM transactions requiring documentation or repayment  

Additional features are based on your plan design and can include:
  • Filing a claim, attaching receipts using your smart phone camera or choosing receipts from photo library
  • Attach BennyTM documentation using your smart phone camera or choosing receipts from photo library
  • Email receipt confirmation of filed claim
  • Email notification when claim is processed with link to Claims History
  • Email notification when a BennyTM transaction needs documentation
  • Prevention of inaccurate claim filing dates:
  • For service claims dated outside of plan year
  • For future dated claims against Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) or the EBC HRA
  • For the Health Care FSA or the EBC HRA service claims dated after termination date
  • Claim filing for future dates of service for dependent care and orthodontic expenses