Benefits Card Help

Think card? Think eligible. Think documentation.

The Employee Benefits Corporation Benefits Card is a convenient alternative to paying cash as long as you use it to pay for eligible health care expenses and only if you save expense documentation.

Has this ever happened to you?

You reach for your Benefits Card to pay for an eligible item or a prescription at your local retailer. You swipe your card. The clerk smiles and asks if you’d like the receipt in the bag. “In the bag, please,” you say. When you get home you place your purchase on a shelf and toss the bag.

A week or so later, you get a Documentation Request from us saying the eligible expense you paid for using the card requires substantiation. The letter says you need to send us expense documentation. The receipt that went out with last week’s trash.

Why do I get letters asking for expense documentation?

We send you Documentation Requests to prevent you from having to repay your plan for eligible expenses and prescriptions that are unverified when you swipe your card.

Depending on where you try to use the card, there will be instances where Benefits Card transactions will be processed either without being verified at point-of-sale or for expenses or payment amounts that aren’t eligible.

Documentation Requests aren’t a penalty for doing something wrong.

You receive Documentation Requests to prevent two things from happening:

They keep your plan compliant with IRS regulations so your eligible expenses stay tax-free

They keep you from having to repay the plan out of your own pocket for eligible expenses unsubstantiated at point of sale (as long as you save your expense documentation)

In 2013, we processed over 728,000 Benefits Card transactions. Of these, about 17% were unsubstantiated at point of sale. It’s not a perfect score, but the convenience of not having to pay out-of-pocket still makes the card a valued addition to your plan if you understand how it works and when to use it.

So what can you do?

Download our Benefits Card Documentation Request Flyer. It explains some common scenarios just like the one described above and walks you through some simple solutions.

Remember: Always save your receipts.

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