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Keep your employees engaged with Balance!

Download the Balance Employee Engagement Campaign today.

Balance from Employee Benefits Corporation is a truly active benefit; it’s always on and requires regular interaction from employees. Keep your employees aware and engaged by reminding them of all Balance has to offer with our Employee Engagement Campaign materials.

Campaign Materials

Benefit Meeting Slideshow

The Balance Employee Engagement Presentation offers an overview of what Balance is, how it works, and illustrates how easy it is for employees to use every day. It is designed to show off the features of Balance to help excite and encourage participation.

Presentation Flyer - “Live healthy. Earn Rewards.”

This handout summarizes the key points of the presentation. It can be distributed during enrollment or benefits education meetings.

Participant Instructions Flyer

This handout provides detailed, step-by-step instructions employees can follow to begin using Balance right away. It can be distributed during enrollment or benefits education meetings along with the presentation summary flyer.

Posters (3 Designs)

These bold, legal-sized posters are designed to grab attention and remind employees that Balance is active right now. Hang the posters in break rooms, by the coffee machine, near a copy machine or anywhere your employees may congregate. Use all three posters to remind participants about the main aspects of Balance: rewards, staying active, healthy shopping, social media, and mobile functionality.

Remind your employees to, “Live healthy. Earn rewards.”
Download the Balance Employee Engagement Campaign today.

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