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Remind your employees to "ThinkFSA."

Download the BESTflex Plan Enrollment Campaign today.

The purpose of this Quickstart Guide is to give you an overview of the elements that make up the BESTflexSM Plan Enrollment Campaign and how to use them to improve enrollment. The campaign, “ThinkFSA,” is designed to make your employees aware of some key plan benefits that may not be apparent at first glance:

  • There are thousands of FSA-eligible products and services
  • An FSA provides extra money for expenses
  • An FSA can work as an emergency fund
  • There are FSA features that help reduce the risk of forfeiture
  • Reimbursement is fast and easy

Campaign Elements

Posters (3 Designs)

Hang the posters in break rooms, by the coffee machine, near a copy machine or anywhere your employees may congregate. Use all three posters to add variety to the message, “ThinkFSA.”

Payroll Stuffer

Insert the stuffer during payroll periods close to enrollment meetings or prior to your open enrollment period. The stuffer reinforces the message delivered by the posters and helps employees, “ThinkFSA.”

"ThinkFSA" Flyer

We believe most employees know what an FSA is, so this handout reinforces the key benefits of the BESTflex Plan. It can be distributed during enrollment or benefits education meetings.

Extra Money Flyer

This flyer helps employees understand how the extra money from an FSA is calculated.

Eligible Expenses Flyer

Reinforce the abundance of eligible expenses. Distribute the flyer during enrollment or benefits education meetings.

Benefit Meeting Slideshow

The “ThinkFSA” presentation offers an overview of the BESTflex Plan, how it works and how it provides extra money to pay for eligible FSA expenses. You can remove the slides that don’t apply to your plan design without detracting from the remainder of the presentation.

Dedicated "ThinkFSA" Employee Resource Page.

We’ve created a special web page for the “ThinkFSA” campaign, with links to great BESTflex Plan content including videos, the Eligible Expenses handout, a tax-savings calculator, information about filing claims and attaching receipts online, and using our smartphone app.

Remind your employees to, “ThinkFSA.” Download the BESTflex Plan Enrollment Campaign today.

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