8 Essential Tips for Your Benny™ Benefits Card

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8 Essential Tips for Your Benny™ Benefits Card












1. Know Where You Can Use Your Card

Here's a map of stores using an inventory information approval system (IIAS), allowing for automatic substantiation.


2. Know What You Can Buy With Your Card 

Here's a handy list that lets you know which products are eligible and not eligible for purchase with the Benny™ Card.


3. Reasons Why Your Card is Cancelled

-Your Health Care FSA or EBC HRA terminates

-You've used the card inappropriately for ineligible expenses too many times


4. Reasons Why Your Card Was Declined (If it Isn't Cancelled)

-The merchant does not accept the Benny™ Benefits Card

-Your purchase is not eligible

-The card was temporarily suspended for an ineligible expense


5. Get Our Mobile App

With My Mobile Account Assistant, you can take a photo of your documentation (receipt) using your phone or tablet's camera, and send the image to us via the app. If you don't have a smartphone, you can take a picture with your phone or camera, upload it to your computer and then send it to us using the online My Account Assistant.


6. Save Your Receipts

On the chance that your Benny transaction is not approved automatically at the point of sale, and you didn't manually document it, you will receive a receipt request letter asking for the receipt.


7. Information on Documentation Requires Four Pieces of Information

-Date of service

-Type of expense

-Amount of the expense incurred

-Name of service provider


8. Dental and Vision Purchases

Transactions made with the Benny™ Card at offices of dental or vision practitioners are often not automatically substantiated like they are at retailers or pharmacies that use the IIAS. So in those cases, you are more likely going to be required to provide manual substantiation of the transaction.

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