IRS Updates Website for 2017 Employer Shared Responsibility Calculations

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The IRS recently updated their website under Affordable Care Act topics, in the section “Types of Employer Payments and How They Are Calculated”. This section describes how to calculate employer shared responsibility payments and was updated for 2017. Although there is no certainty on the path for health care reform going forward, it appears that the IRS has updated their website to provide the details for the 2017 penalty calculations under the Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate.

Employers may find examples and answers to the following questions:

Employer Shared Responsibility Payment for Failure to Offer Minimum Essential Coverage.

  • Which Employers Will Owe this Payment?
  • How is This Payment Calculated?

Employer Shared Responsibility Payment for Failure to Offer Affordable Minimum Essential Coverage that Provides Minimum Value.

  • Which Employers Will Owe This Payment?
  • How Is This Payment Calculated?"

The page further defines the meaning of an offer of coverage, describes the assessment and collection of the employer shared responsibility payment, non-deductibility of the payment, and links to other helpful guidance and Q &As.



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