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We place great value in the privacy and security of your information, and have made every effort to protect that information. Here are some quick answers to questions you may have about data security at Employee Benefits Corporation:

Can anyone "listen in" while I'm viewing my account?

When you log in to your account, you will see a small lock or key icon on your browser. That tells you that we have created a secure socket layer (SSL) connection between us. The information exchanged between us is encrypted to ensure that no one will be able to see any of the information exchanged. In addition, we put expirations on all pages viewed so that someone using your computer will not be able to retrieve your account information from your browser's history. As an added measure, once you have logged in, we do not display your social security number on any screen or report.

How secure is my information? I've heard of credit card numbers being stolen from "hacked" websites.

While we have taken various measures to ensure that our web servers do not get "hacked," we have also created additional layers of security to protect your information in case of unauthorized access to our servers. We do that by exposing only our web servers to the Internet, and not storing any confidential information on those servers. Our database servers are not accessible from the Internet and only provide very specific, and authorized, information to the web servers.

What will you do with my email address?

We take your email address as a way of informing you of significant changes to your online account and expediting specific processes, such as notifying you of a direct deposit or requesting information. We do not give your email address to anyone, including your employer.

Is email secure?

No. Email is passed openly on the Internet and can be intercepted, read, and modified at various points between us. For that reason, we send confidential information, including social security numbers and protected health information (PHI), in encrypted emails. We use the encryption services of ZixCorp, a leader in email security in the health care industry, to render confidential emails unreadable to unintended recipients and make it easy for you to retrieve, read and respond to them.

We recommend that you use ZixCorp’s Secure Message Center when sending confidential information to Employee Benefits Corporation via email. Unless you are a ZixCorp customer and receive encrypted emails directly in your inbox, you must use ZixCorp’s Secure Message Center to receive confidential email messages from Employee Benefits Corporation.

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