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ACA Watch | July 11, 2017

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ACA Watch | July 11, 2017
Today GOP leaders will meet with other Republican Senators to discuss new revisions of the most recent health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 (BCRA) has faced criticism from GOP moderates, as well as being unpopular with lobbying groups and the general public who fear the loss of coverage for vulnerable Americans. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) provides clarity with their superb side-by-side "Comparison of the AHCA and the ...
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ACA Watch | January 10, 2017

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ACA Watch | January 10, 2017
The repeal of the Affordable Care Act begins as Republicans move forward with a Budget Resolution bill.
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ACA Compliance Updates 2016: Are All Your Ducks in a Row? | WASB | January 20, 2016
Employee Benefits Corporation is pleased to announce that Sue Sieger, ACFCI, CAS and Senior Compliance Consultant, will be giving a presentation called “ACA Compliance Updates 2016: Are All Your Ducks in a Row?” as part of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards’(WASB) 2016 Joint State Education Convention. The convention will be held on January 20-22 at Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sue will discuss current topics in health care reform and how they impact employee benefit pl...
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  • Out-of-Network? Sorry, I have to wash the windows.
    What does it mean if a health care provider is "Out-of-Network"? This is a general idea for employees navigating their health plan who wish to understand the health care costs better so that they can ...
  • Network Provider? Sorry, I have to mop the floor.
    Health insurance plans utilize networks. Networks consist of select network providers, which are hospital systems and the doctors and clinics associated with those systems. Insurance carriers are able...
  • In-Network? Sorry, I have to take out the trash.
    Health plans utilize provider networks. Your health plan has negotiated rates for health care services that are considered “in-network.” When an insurance carrier aligns their coverage with a networ...
  • Referral? Sorry, I have to dust the shelves.
    Benefits 101: What is a referral? A referral from your primary care physician may be required by your health insurance plan for specific treatments from a specialist doctor. Not all types of treatmen...
  • 12 Things You Didn’t Know About the Dependent Care FSA

    12 Things You Didn’t Know About the Dependent Care FSA   The BESTflexSM Plan Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account is an option of the BESTflex plan provided by your employer.     1. A specif...
  • Internships, Obamacare and Benefits

    If you currently have interns, or are hiring some soon for a summer internship program, there's something you should know.
  • Polar Plunge 2015 [PHOTOS]

    Seven of our employees participated in the 2015 Polar Plunge and took the jump. We also raised $3,436.70 for the Special Olympics, beating our goal by almost two and a half thousand dollars.
  • Benefits Selling Expo 2015

    The 11th annual 2015 Benefits Selling Expo is taking place next week, May 19th - 21st in Scottsdale, Arizona. We will be there, so make sure to check us out.