The EBC HRA Answer Book

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  • EBC HRA Tablet
  • EBC HRA Cover
  • EBC HRA CMS Medicare Reporting
  • EBC HRA Ineligible Participants
  • EBC HRA Online and Mobile Claims
  • EBC HRA New Hires

The EBC HRA Answer Book

Comprehensive and convenient, the Answer Book provides a broad range of information about the EBC HRA. Tables of contents link you to information so you can quickly help your participants without having to make a phone call.

65 pages

Answer Book Contents

  • Our Website and My Account Administrator
  • Important EBC HRA Documents
  • Nondiscrimination Testing
  • CMS Medicare Reporting
  • Ineligible Participants
  • EBC HRA Invoicing and Payments
  • Reimbursement of Claims
  • Online and Mobile Claims
  • Reimbursement Funding
  • EBC HRA Reports
  • New Hires
  • Termination of Participants
  • Joint Notification
  • EBC HRA Renewal
  • EBC HRA Plan Design Features
  • The Benefits Card and EBC HRA
  • Effect of Health Care Reform on The EBC HRA
  • Glossary
  • Index