Webinar: Secrets of Nondiscrimination Testing Revealed

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While it's no big secret that as your plan year ends, nondiscrimination testing must be completed. The mystery begins as you try to assimilate the rules and regulations required to successfully complete the  Nondiscrimination Testing Worksheet.

Attend our webinar:  "Secrets of Nondiscrimination Testing Revealed" by our very own testing expert, Jessica Melvin.    

Whether you have a question or two or need step-by-step instruction, the webinars are designed to help you complete your Nondiscrimination Testing Worksheet successfully.

You'll learn exactly how to complete your Nondiscrimination Testing Worksheet for your BESTflex Plan or BESTflex Plan Premium Only; how to specifically address common issues that arise in each section; and problem-solving techniques to address issues that may arise when completing the form.

You'll also increase your understanding on Nondiscrimination Testing and learn specific methods that will ensure you provide accurate data to us so that we can perform the testing on your behalf.

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