House Passes AHCA by Narrow Margin

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The American Health Care Act (AHCA) was passed in the House of Representatives today by a narrow margin vote of 217-213.

Although the AHCA was previously pulled prior to a vote in March, a lot has happened over the last week to persuade remaining members of the House to support the legislation. Next, the AHCA will move over to the Senate. It will likely go through further changes as bills are meshed together, and will likely face another tight vote.

Today’s vote is one step closer to the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Keep in mind that officially, nothing has changed yet with the ACA, which remains the law today.

Another bill called HR 2192 was passed today as well, which will affect State waiver provisions for Congress members. This bill would amend the Public Health Service Act to eliminate the non-application of certain State waiver provisions to Members of Congress and congressional staff.

You can view the text of the bill and various amendments on the House of Representatives webpage, and you will find a “Section by Section Summary” will outline the provisions in the bill to provide a snapshot view of the details.

We will continue to report developments on changes to the health care law as it becomes available.

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