We make HRAs easy.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) allow employers to create a pool of funds that participants draw on to help meet the underlying health plan’s high deductible.

HRA plan designs come in many shapes and sizes. Our EBC HRASM makes it easy for employers to create, understand and manage their plan.

Plan design templates and options
Every employer can create a customized EBC HRA. Our Service Agreement provides templates employers can use to specify exactly how they want their plan to work and add enhancements. From tiers and claim reimbursement percentages to eligible expense types and debit card options, we work with employers to design an EBC HRA that meets their needs.

Plan design enhancements
Employers can choose plan enhancements, each with online data and reports that help employers manage them. The enhancements include:

Post Employment Benefit
The Post Employment Benefit provides EBC HRA coverage for former employees, including separated employees, retirees, and employees who drop group health coverage.

Perpetual Benefit
An EBC HRA with the Perpetual Benefit does not have a plan year; it is continuous and allows participants to be reimbursed for eligible medical expenses dating back to the date they began participating in the plan.

Additional Benefits
Additional Benefits allow employers to provide additional EBC HRA funds to participants who meet specific employer-chosen incentives, including wellness goals

Deductible credits administration
We've created accurate, efficient processes to allow employers to implement an EBC HRA mid-year and “credit” employees for deductible expenses incurred before the EBC HRA’s implementation.

This makes adding an EBC HRA mid-year an easy transition for employers and employees.