We make transportation benefits easy.

CommuteEase goes to work to help employees do the same
Traveling back and forth to work each day can be expensive.  With CommuteEase, employees can take powerful advantage of pre-tax dollars to pay less for the trip.

Benefits that help give employees a lift
Section 132(f) of federal tax law allows employees to use tax-free dollars (subject to monthly limits) to pay for their commuting expenses. The dollars spent on approved transit, parking and bicycling expenses are NOT subject to income, Social Security or FICA taxes. Assuming a combined tax rate of 30%, a participant can save as much as $400 per year on transit expenses of $1,200.

Get ready for a very smooth ride.
Under the legislation, transportation benefits cover three categories of commuting expenses:

Employees can use pre-tax dollars on different modes of public transportation, such as buses, subways, trains, and vanpools. CommuteEase offers several options for taking full advantage of transit benefits.

Fare Media
Employees can directly order transit passes, tickets, and smart cards offered by participating transit authorities across the nation and products are sent directly to employees for convenience.

Commuter Check Vouchers
Participants purchase commuter checks vouchers that can be used to purchase transit passes, tickets, cards, or other fare media for the transit authority of choice or can be used to pay for vanpool expenses. Commuter checks come in flexible denominations and are valid for 15 months.

Parking at or near your place of employment or at a location from which you commute, using public transportation or vanpooling, is an eligible pre-tax expense.

Monthly Direct Pay
CommuteEase can send payments directly to the designated parking provider each month. If an employee cannot locate their parking provider, we will quickly try to contact the provider and affiliate them as a payee in our system. Employees must have an existing relationship with a parking provider to use this option.

Commuter Check for Parking Vouchers
These vouchers are valid for 15 months and are made payable to selected parking providers. The vouchers may be used to purchase one or more types of parking, and employees can order as many vouchers as needed for multiple parking providers. Vouchers come in flexible denominations and should be made for the exact amount as there is no cash back with the transactions. It is important to ensure that the parking provider accepts such vouchers before placing each order.

Parking Cash Reimbursements
CommuteEase will also reimburse employees for specific or occasional parking instances. Employees should keep a receipt for submitted reimbursement requests.

Employees who bike to work can use their commuter benefit toward equipment purchases, repairs and storage. This is a monthly benefit delivered as a voucher that can be used to pay for bicycle equipment, repairs, and/or storage fees associated with their commute to work. They can also save vouchers up toward payment for a new bicycle. Vouchers are valid for 15 months.    

The vouchers can be ordered in any denomination between $10 and $20 and can be used at participating bicycle shops and bicycle storage facilities nationwide.

Participants should note that the IRS regulation states that an employee taking advantage of the bicycling benefit cannot take advantage of the transit or parking benefit in the same month.

It’s important to note that mileage, tolls, fuel, and carpooling are NOT covered for any of the above transit options. Business travel and other reimbursed expenses are also excluded from this benefit.

Choices add convenience
With more than 100,000 different types of tickets and passes, CommuteEase can meet nearly all of a participant's transit or parking needs. It's simple to set up recurring orders and we can email participants monthly with their current orders as a reminder.
Commuter Check Cards for Transit and Parking
Learn about the Commuter Check Card for Transit and Parking.

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