The Advantage
of Two Linked Accounts.

Employees Can Bridge EBC HRASM and
BESTflexSM Plan FSA Dollars

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) allow employers to create a pool of funds that participants draw on to pay for specified medical expenses.

ClaimsBridgeA Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows employees to set aside money that has never been taxed which can be used for eligible health care and dependent care expenses.   

The Bridge Between Two Payment Options
ClaimsBridge is an important advantage that lets participants use BOTH accounts on a single claim. When an EBC HRA cannot cover the entire amount of a claim, ClaimsBridge automatically accesses the FSA funds to complete payment.

Supplementing the EBC HRA With a Health Care FSA
Whether EBC HRA reimbursements are limited by a specific plan, or whether there are not enough funds in an EBC HRA to cover a claim, employees can elect to have their FSA take care of the remainder.

Flexibility. Control. Savings.

The employee has the flexibility to decide when and how FSA dollars are used.

If claims are submitted manually, employees can use ClaimsBridge to engage their FSA with each submitted claim. If EBC HRA claims are electronically received from the insurance company, employees can select an automatic option.