We make premium billing easy.

With COBRASecureSM Premium Billing, Employee Benefits Corporation collects group insurance premium payments from individuals who are no longer active employees of an employer. For each month, we send a disbursement check to the employer, which they use to pay the insurance carrier.

Premium coupons and payments
Employee Benefits Corporation wants it to be easy for participants to pay their monthly group insurance premiums on time, so we send payment coupons to all participants. They simply return a coupon, along with their payment, for each month of coverage.

Participants can also sign up for Direct Payment to have their premiums paid automatically from their financial account.

COBRASecure Online

Employers have convenient online access to their account, detailed reports, carrier rates, payment histories and more.

Useful Tools and Features
COBRASecure Online lets employers quickly edit and update participant information. They can “bookmark” certain accounts, view all generated letters and run a variety of reports, including final remittance summaries and subsidy schedules.

Dynamic Design
COBRASecure Online features a user-friendly interface. Employers can easily find what they need using simple tabs and drop-down menus.
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