We make debit cards easy.

No manual claims
The Benny™ Benefits Card lets Health Care FSA participants simply swipe a debit card to draw on their account. Participants don't have to pay out of pocket or manually file a claim when they swipe the card, making the BESTflexSM Plan easier to use.

We often see that participants are more satisfied with and more likely to use their Health Care FSA when Benny™ is available.

Automatic substantiation
Image of the Benny Benefits CardMany retailers and providers have adopted systems that can determine, at checkout, which items and services are eligible under Benny™. These systems, known as inventory information approval systems (IIAS), only allow Benny™ to pay for the eligible expenses. This means participants don't have to submit a receipt -- or other document -- to prove they used the card to pay for eligible expenses.

A full list of retailers that have these inventory systems is available in PDF format. Simply click the link in Additional Resources to download the listing.

Since Benny™ saves participants from having to pay out of pocket, submit claims and even submit receipts in many cases, it's one of the most convenient ways to use the BESTflex Plan.

Mobile and Online BennyTM Account Management
Participants can file claims, manage BennyTM transactions and attach documentation using an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. The BennyTM Manager is also available online using My Account Assistant!

If a transaction needs documentation, participants receive an email. They can take a photo of their documentation using their mobile device’s camera, attach an image from the device's photo library or from their computer’s desktop and submit it to us.

Boost participation and tax savings

Participants who have easier access to their Health Care FSA are more likely to participate in the BESTflex Plan, contribute more money and find it easier to use the money, increasing their -- and their employers’ -- tax savings.