Our client and participant support teams extend Employee Benefits Corporation’s collective expertise to brokers, our clients and their participants.
With the combined knowledge and experience of our company at their disposal, Client Liaisons and Participant Services Representatives and our Compliance team extend Employee Benefits Corporation’s collective expertise to our clients and their participants.

Dedicated Client Support
We assign each of our clients to a dedicated Client Liaison, a personal source of account information and assistance. All of our Client Liaisons have a direct phone number and email address for quick contact.

Participant Support Services
Our Participant Services Representatives understand the participant experience as it relates to each of the services Employee Benefits Corporation offers, helping participants get the most from their plan.

Expert compliance support
Our in-house Compliance team monitors complex regulations to ensure our clients remain compliant. With a team of Compliance experts, we can quickly respond to changes and questions.

An important aspect of our Compliance team's role is communications. Compliance Buzz provides you with up-to-date news, federal guidance announcements and tips on how to stay compliant with federal regulations.

Our Compliance team also ensures that our all our information and enrollment materials, including Summary Plan Descriptions, Plan Documents and Answer Books, are up to date with the latest regulatory changes.