Part of our plan administration is keeping clients and participants in the know.
With various avenues for providing accessible information, we make it easy to stay on top of benefits.
Read All About It
When things change, we tell you. Using email campaigns and our website, we can provide quick information on the latest regulatory, legislative, and administrative changes. We also let our clients and participants know when new tools and features are coming and provide step-by-step guides to help use them.

Sample materials from Employee Benefits CorporationOur clients and participants can keep an eye on our online News Center for recent employee benefits and health care news, as well as announcements from Employee Benefits Corporation.

Our enrollment materials paint the complete picture, helping participants receive the greatest benefit from their plans. We also publish comprehensive Answer Books for many of our products. They give our clients around-the-clock access to plan information and an easy way to search for details.

All of these materials are updated regularly and available on our web portals in PDF format for printing and/or online distribution.

Staying Informed Is Easy

We like to keep our clients and their participants involved and engaged in their plan. Conveniently, they can choose to have email notifications – that a new Claims Register is available or that we’ve processed a claim, for example – delivered straight to their inbox.

Education with a Personal Touch
Our administration experts conduct educational webinars throughout the year. Whether in response to a breaking event or one of our scheduled, semi-monthly broker presentations, anyone who's invited can watch and listen, with their choice of session time, from anywhere they have internet access.

Here are some of the topics we've covered in webinars:

  • COBRA and Medicare
  • Health Care Reform
  • Individual billed insurance premiums
  • Compliance updates
  • EBC HRA plan design