Employee Ownership

Hands helping grow employee benefits third party administrator.

A Culture of Ownership

Employee Benefits Corporation is 100% employee-owned. Each and every team member is invested in our success and the success of our customers.

How we own it.

Our values are evident in our hallways. We work hard, but thoughtfully and efficiently. We do what’s right for our customers and our employee owners. And we strive to constantly learn, continually grow, and do better than we did yesterday. After interacting with us, we want people to say, “I wish everyone did business this way.”

We hire leaders.

Our owners are all leaders in their area of responsibility and they have deep commitment to deliver the kind of results expected of leaders, for our customers, for our company, and for our community. We strive to meet high expectations we set for ourselves, and our passion and determination show in the way we run our business and in the experience we deliver to our customers.

Here, you’ll find transparent company updates, the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the business and the industry, town halls and surveys to share your perspective, and empowered employees collaborating on cross-functional committees and initiatives.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan gives each employee a stake in the company and an opportunity to participate in and contribute to its growth. Each employee owner earns shares that accumulate while they work here and become fully vested. When an employee leaves or retires, they collect distributions.

The ESOP is above and beyond our other competitive compensation and retirement benefits and it provides our employee owners with extraordinary financial security as they plan for their futures.